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When the squeeze is put on famous movie star, Larry Cliff, his assistant, Scarlett Mansell, flies to England, convinced the blackmailer’s identity is connected to Larry’s upbringing in the British care system. She consults with Jago Scott and Lloyd Emmerson, old friends of Larry’s and his PR representatives in England. Scarlett suspects Jago and Lloyd of hiding something and is unwilling to put her trust in them, even if she’s also incapable of resisting their physical charms.


Jago and Lloyd, victims of the same brutal care system as Larry, learned years ago not to trust anyone but each other. But they owe Larry for preventing them from self-destructing and are determined to save his career. Untangling a dangerous web of intrigue woven by a man bearing a massive grudge, can they also persuade Scarlett, the only woman they’ve ever allowed to get close to them, that they aren’t the bad guys…



Justine Trent, overweight and smarting from the breakup of an intense relationship, takes a job in the English countryside where she can hide away and nurse her broken heart. Employed by two Americans to trace Zac's estranged mother, Justine’s low self-esteem receives an unexpected boost when the guys make it plain that they like what they see.


Playing bedroom games with Zac Wendell and Cody Stowell fixes Justine’s heart just fine, until her ex tracks her down and makes all sorts of wild promises. When the guys return home from a trip and find him all over her, they jump to the wrong conclusion.

Furious with Zac and Cody for doubting her, Justine distances herself from them. Zac faces the trauma of confronting the mother he’s never met. More importantly, he and Cody must find a way to save Justine from the emotional blackmail being meted out by her ex and persuade her to come home to them. Forever.



Fabia Brook goes to the Spanish resort of Tosca Brava, searching for her missing sister. Something’s off about the way Tosca Brava’s being run, and clues lead Fabia to hunky owners of the flying school, Peyton Ascot and Clyde Wilson. If they know what’s happened to Sonia, they aren’t saying. Instead they distract Fabia with promises of help, trade on their mutual attraction by keeping her occupied with red-hot sex, and get her over her fear of flying by initiating her into the joys of the Mile High Club.


As details of the Russian Mafia laundering money through the resort's casino come to light, so too does information regarding Sonia’s whereabouts. She’s being held in an impregnable fortress. Except that Fabia’s two protectors don’t know the meaning of the word, nor do they play by the usual rules..



Porcha Ballantine’s husband is dead, and now the killers are out to get her.


On the run and desperate, Porcha turns to an old friend for help. When he dispatches three hunks with attitude to help her, she instinctively trusts them. As Troy Anderson, Adam Cole, and Beck Easton slowly unravel Porcha’s problems, they also tackle the subject of her sexuality and invite her to play with them. After three years of marriage to a man who controlled her every waking moment, she’s more than ready for some fun.


When Porcha is snatched by the bad guys, the action moves to Miami as her protectors do whatever they must to find her. They grapple with drug dealers, diamond smugglers, and the dregs of the underworld, putting their lives on the line for the woman they love. It’s taken them years to find her and they’re damned if they’ll let her go…



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Skye Harrison’s British country pub has been in her family for 300 years, but faced with fierce competition from the big conglomerates, she’s about to go under. American entrepreneurs Jay Blanchard and Luke Savage, impressed by Skye’s fiery determination to fight for her home and livelihood, come up with a plan to save the Fox and Firkin, uncovering evidence along the way that someone is trying to sabotage Skye’s efforts.


Embarking on a steamy three-way sex fest with the feisty landlady, Jay and Luke get distracted by their nightly games, leaving Skye unprotected during the day whilst they chase down clues. Kidnapped by the bad guys who want her out the way so they can get their hands on The Fox, Jay and Luke must race against time to rescue the woman they’ve both fallen in love with.


But will they be too late?




Paige Fairfax is devastated by the murder of Ellie, her employer and close friend. She flies from England to Florida for the funeral, only to be confronted by Isaac Drake, her late boyfriend's twin brother who holds her responsible for his death.


In spite of their mutual antipathy, Paige and Isaac are drawn to one another and join Ellie's right-hand man Nick Fuller in a steamy three-way love fest. Frustrated by the lack of progress in the police investigation into Ellie's death, they set a trap for the three main suspects, and Paige plays the part of seductress, hoping to lure the culprit into saying something incriminating.


Things don't go according to plan, and Paige finds herself trapped in a perilous situation that threatens her own life. Isaac and Nick rush to her aid, determined not to lose the woman they both love. But will they be in time to save her?




When an upcoming American tennis star dies unexpectedly, his sister, supermodel Naomi Redford, storms into London, England intent upon discovering why his life was cut so tragically short. She suspects Saul’s Agents, Jared Maynard and Kenton Sinclair, partners in the prestigious Maynard-Sinclair Agency, of pushing Saul too hard, but can’t ignore the evidence that points in other directions, either.


She accept Jared and Kent’s help to delve deeper, desperate to protect her brother’s reputation. How much does his live-in lover know? Do Naomi’sgrasping father and step-brothers know more than they’re saying? And what about his former lover, Sam, who wanted Saul back?


Naomi is distracted by the games Jared and Kent introduce her to which have nothing to do with line calls and double faults, but when it becomes apparent that Saul was murdered and the police have no suspects, the three of them are determined Saul’s killer won’t get away with his crime…



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When Kelsey Wallace hears that her English mentor in the equestrian world has fallen victim to a conman, she's on the first plane out of the States, ready to kick ass. Harry Moncrieff and Dexter Mason, designers of the exclusive Moncrieff Originals shoe range and members of the exclusive Discretions club offer to help her flush the fraudster out.


As a guest in their palatial home, Kelsey is overwhelmed by the way they make things happen. Discovering that Kelsey shares their interest in BDSM, the guys shower her with the type of attention she craves, testing her limits, while simultaneously setting the wheels in motion to trap the conman.  In an audacious bid to find justice for her friend, Kelsey must confront the fraudster. But is she willing to take the law into her own hands? And when it's  all over, where will she find  the strength to walk away from the two men who have brought her alive and stolen her heart...